Hereby, the cookies policy has been created to provide information about the use of cookies and the choices you can make about them, as part of personal data privacy, protection and processing policies.

In order to personalize the advertisement, to provide social media features, to analyze data stream on our website ……….. (hereinafter referred to as the site) operated by the ORİMPEX TEKSTİL A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as the company), we may use cookie/cookies to understand how you use our websites.

During the course of your visit on the site, cookies and similar elements may be placed on your browser. You can continue to use the site products without changing your cookie settings.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of text that the site asks your browser to store on your computer; it does not contain identity and other private information. Although session information and similiar data can be stored anonymously and used to redefine you and similar services offered to you.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

The company uses two types of cookies; session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are used to remember you during your visit to site but they expire when you close the web browser. On the other hand, persitent cookies are limited to a specific date or period and are automatically deleted at the end of the date or period or remain on your hard drive until deleted by you.

What Types of Cookies are used by Third Parties?

Third party (herein referred to as 3rd party), suppliers and advertising networks, social media platforms and our other business partners, may also place cookies on your browser in order to provide you a better and more personalized service including serving ads based on your previous visits to the site and other websites.

  • Google Analytics

By using persistent cookie, 3rd party cookie type, it is ensured that user experience is analyzed better by monitoring and reporting the site data flow.

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  • Doubleclick

By using persistent cookie, 3rd party cookie type, it analyzes your online experience, your interaction time, habits on the internet so that they can then serve you some targeted ads according to your interest.

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  • Facebook

By using 3rd party cookie type, Facebook helps you stay in touch with your network and make it easier for you to share contents.

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  • Twitter

By using 3rd party cookie type, it allows you to share the site and its contents and to access Twitter more easily.…icles/20170528?lang=tr

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  • Linkedin

By using 3rd party cookie type, it allows you to share the site and its contents and to access Linkedin more easily.

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  • Other Advertising Platforms

By using persistent cookie, 3rd party cookie type, it analyzes to understand the content you interact with on oursite so that they can then serve you some targeted ads.

(the company has no legal responsibility for the reliability of the content that you will access through the above mentioned 3rd party links)

What are the purposes of cookies?

Cookies help us improve the site and provide you with a better and more personalized service. The following objectives can be achieved, due to cookies,

  • Getting to know you after you log into the site
  • Reaching the target audience for ads, ensuring that you see ads that match your interests.
  • Personalizing contents and ads.
  • Providing social media features
  • Analyzing the data flow of the site on platforms under the domain name.
  • Understanding how to use the site platforms under the domain name.

How you can manage or delete cookies?

If your browser allows, You can manage cookies as you wish by editing the browser. In this way, you can accept or decline all cookies, be warned before a cookie is stored on your hard drive, only accept the cookies of the websites you have specified, disable or delete the cookies you have previously accepted.

If they allow, you can opt-out 3rd party cookies on platforms under the domain name by visiting the relevant 3rd party website. However, the Company does not provide any assurance in this regard.

If you decline cookies on platforms under the domain name, you may not be able to use some of the features and functions on the site. If you are accessing from different browser and/or devices, you should check whether the cookie settings are suitable for your choice.

Our cookie policy may be updated in the future due to changes in legal conditions or due to our new cookie practices. Therefore, we recommend that you review this policy periodically.

Our cookie policy has been edited and updated on ………


Cookie TypeExplanationCookies Management
SessionSession cookies serve to maintain the session.Accept/reject through browser settings.
Load-balancingLoad balancing cookies serve to reduce the server load by distributing the load.Accept/reject through browser settings.
User IDUser ID cookies serve users to see only their own information.Accept/reject through browser settings.
SecuritySecurity cookies serve for security checks.Accept/reject through browser settings.

Preference Cookies

Preference cookies collect information about your preferences and allow us to remember your language or other locale settings thus we can customize our site for you.

Cookie TypeExplanationCookies Management
LanguageIt saves the user’s selected language and offers convenient options.Accept/reject through browser settings.
LocationIt allows the user to determine the approximate address (city, district, postal code) so the users can automatically select their own location and Show the retailers and promotions in that region.Accept/reject through browser settings.
MobileIf the user visits the site from a mobile device, it allows to display the main website.Accept/reject through browser settings.
From siteIt is saved to better understand the user’s preferences.Accept/reject through browser settings.
Last visit and activityIt serves to inform users about what has changed since their last visit to our site and to better understand users preferencesAccept/reject through browser settings.
Recently watched videosWatch dates and titles of recently watched videos are saved to better understand the users preferencesAccept/reject through browser settings.
Data cookiesSome content is saved in local storage to increase the user experience, speed up, Access, and provide important user features such as favorites.Accept/reject through browser settings.
Site page historyIt serves to track which sites users visited in which order. If an error is encountered during the visit, the cookie is saved in the log file for reporting and resolution of the error.Accept/reject through browser settings.

Social Features Tracking Cookies

These types of cookies allow to track people who are members or are not members of social media networks for market analysis and product development.

Cookie TypeExplanationCookies Management
FacebookThese types of cookies allow members or non members to be tracked for market analysis and product development.Accept/reject through browser settings.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies collect information about your use and help us improve the site. Exemplary, these types of cookies show which pages on the site are visited the most, help to record the difficulties experienced and show whether our ads are effective and thus we understand which direction is the general trend rather than how a person is using the site.

Cookie TypeExplanationCookies Management
Google AnalyticsThese types of cookies allow the collection of all statistical data in this way to improve the presentation and use of the site. Google enables us to better understand users by adding data on social stats and interests to these statistics.
FabricThese types of cookies allow the collection of all statistical data regarding the operation of the site. Thereby, improving the presentation and use of the site.Accept/reject through browser settings.

Marketing Cookies

Ads cookies are used for marketing purposes.

Cookie TypeExplanationCookies Management
Delivering behavioral and targeted ads.
Accept/reject through browser settings.
Market AnalysisConducting market analysisAccept/reject through browser settings.
Campaign/PromotionCalculating impact of campaignsAccept/reject through browser settings.
Fraud detectionDetecting click fraudAccept/reject through browser settings.